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1 1 Crustal Deformation I. Folding II.Faulting 2 Crustal Deformation Crustal Rocks may be deformed in response to stress. • Tension • Compression • Shear 4 Folding Folding: deformation of rocks by bending. Compression leads to folding. 5 Folding 6 Folding 7 Folding 8 Folding 9 Folding The Appalachian Mountains are a range of folded mountains 10 Faulting Fault: a fracture in rock along which movement has taken place. •Normal Fault •Reverse Fault •Strike-slip Fault
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2 11 Faulting 12 Faulting Normal Fault Tension leads to normal faulting 13 Faulting Reverse Fault Compression leads to reverse faulting 14 Faulting Thrust Fault: low-angle reverse fault
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Unformatted text preview: 15 Faulting Thrust Fault 16 Faulting The Sierra Nevada range is a fault block. 17 Faulting Strike-slip Fault Shear stress (lateral stress) leads to strike-slip faulting 18 Faulting 19 Faulting The San Andreas Fault is a strike-slip fault 3 20 Cristianitos Fault, San Onofre 21 Cristianitos Fault, San Onofre 22 Faulting Horst: block uplifted between 2 normal faults Graben: block downthrown between 2 normal faults 23 Faulting A graben: the East African Rift Zone (National Geographic Society 24 End of Lecture...
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14bCrustal_Deformation - 15 Faulting Thrust Fault 16...

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