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Name:___________________ Recitation Day/Time:_______ Homework 2 Due in recitation the week of Monday, January 21 25 points You are encouraged to use Excel as a tool to complete your homework assignment. If you need extra help with Microsoft Excel, you will find links on courseweb under “External Links”. You will see next to the problem number in the text the name of the data file for that problem. Please be sure to include your output with your homework with the question number and answer identified on all output. 1. (4 points) Using the data from problem 3.10 in your book… a. For the K-8 data, use an appropriate graph to compare public and private enrollment. b. For private education, design a graph to compare enrollment in the three education levels (K-8, Grades 9-12, and Colleges). c. Make your graph for part (a) appear that there is approximately the same enrollment in public and private
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Unformatted text preview: schools at the 9-12 level. d. Make your graph for part (b) appear that there has been little change over time for all different levels of education. 2. (6 points) Problems: 4.3 by hand and on Excel 4.11 by hand 4.13 3. (5 points) Find some statistics for your favorite sport. This kind of data is readily available on the internet. Put the data into Excel and use it to compute the mean, variance, and standard deviation (there’s one Excel command that will give you all of this information and more). Print out the worksheet with the data and the summary statistics that you’ve computed. a. Assume that the distribution is symmetrical. Use the empirical rule to sketch the shape of the distribution. 4. (10 points) Problems: 4.37 by hand 4.53 in Excel 4.67 4.79 4.81...
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