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Name:___________________ Recitation Day/Time:_______ Homework 3 Due in recitation the week of Monday, January 28 25 points You are encouraged to use Excel as a tool to complete your homework assignment. If you need extra help with Microsoft Excel, you will find links on courseweb under “External Links”. You will see next to the problem number in the text the name of the data file for that problem. Please be sure to include your output with your homework with the question number and answer identified on all output. 1. (10 points) On Blackboard, you will find a data file called “cereal.xls”. Use this data for all parts of
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Unformatted text preview: this problem. a. Use Excel to take a simple random sample of 5 Cereals. b. When I buy cereal for my kids, they are only allowed cereal with less than 12 grams of sugar per serving. Take a stratified random sample of 3 cereals that they would be allowed to have and 3 that would not. What method did you use here? 2. (5 points) Go online or look at a newspaper and find and example of a poll or a survey. Briefly (1 paragraph) describe the survey with respect to (a) response rate, (b) type of sampling, and (3) sampling error/bias. 3. Chapter 6 (5 points each, show all work): 6.36, 6.56...
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