Vertebrate Anatomy

Vertebrate Anatomy - Vertebrate Anatomy Bullfrog rana...

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Unformatted text preview: Vertebrate Anatomy- Bullfrog: rana catesbeiana. Class Amphibia which refers to the fact that amphibians spend some part of their life in water.- They were the first vertebrates to invade terrestrial habitats.- They require water for egg laying and development of the embryos- Endoskeleton- allows jointed appendages of complex movement and it is lightweight which allows the vertebrates to be bigger T ISSUES- Epithelium- a tissue that covers the body of an animal of lines hollow structures within its body. o All epithelia lie atop a non-cellular layer know as a basement membrane. Simple means one layer on top of a basement membrane Stratified means that they have more than one layer of cells atop the sasement membrane.- Connective tissue- holds other tissues together or it is used for structural purposes. o There is an abundance of a non-cellular matrix relative to other cells. I t is produced by the connective tissue of cells and may be solid, liquid, or semi-solid.- Muscle- contractile and they are long cells that have the ability to shorten- Nervous tissue- can conduct action potentials. Composed of neurons. I N TERNAL ANATOMY- Bone- a complex connective tissue o Osteocytes- a mature bone cell o Hydroxyapatite- a calcium salt that is in the matrix that surrounds the osteocytes. o Haversian systems- cylinders of osteocytes arranged in concentric rings that form cylinders. o Haversian canal- central to Haversian systems and has blood vessels and nerves that run through it. o Lamella- a layer of bone in between the haversian systems. o Lacuna- a space that they osteocytes occupy in the matrix o Canaliculi- are small canals that connect each lacuna- Skeleton- 306-308 o Axial skeleton- skull, ribs, vertebral comumn and septum....
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Vertebrate Anatomy - Vertebrate Anatomy Bullfrog rana...

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