Phylum Annelida

Phylum Annelida - Phylum Annelida (Segmented worms) -...

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Phylum Annelida (Segmented worms) - Earthworms, leeches - Marine, fresh water, and terrestrial - triploblastic, eucoelomates- have a peritoneum that covers their internal organs - bilateraly syemetrical - protostomes - Produce trochophore larvae - Segmented- allows different parts of the body tomove independently - Gas exchange throught gills or skin - closed circulatory system - Excretory system consists of a pair of nephridia per segment - Nervous system consists of anterior ganglia connected to a ventral nerve cord. THREE CLASSES -Class Polychaeta- marine - well developed heads and antennae - parapodia wi/ setae- appendages that function in gas exchange and locomotion - Class Hirudinoidea- leeches - Dorsoventrally flattened and tapered at each end - First and last segments are modified to have suckers -Predaceous- worm’s snail’s insect larvae, blood suckers - Jaw cuts open skin, secretes a skin dissolving enzyme, and HIRUDIN is anticoagulant -Class Oligocheta- earthworms and freshwater worms tubflex
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Phylum Annelida - Phylum Annelida (Segmented worms) -...

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