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Name_____________________________4-Digit #__________ Section Consolidated Financial Statements: [073Q8] USC Company owns 75% of UCLA Company. UCLA owes $180 to USC Company [AR/AP]. USC owns property, plant and equipment [PPE] with a fair market value of $2,200. UCLA’s PPE has a FMV of $1,100. UCLA’s patents have a FMV of $600. USC Company USC UCLA Consolidated Company Company Balance Sheet Assets: Cash $600 $300 Accounts Rec. 800 400 Inventory 300 400 Investment 2,000 N/A PPE (net) 800 600 Patents 500 200 Copyright
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Unformatted text preview: N/A 200 Total Assets $5,000 $2,100 XXXX Liabilities: Accounts Pay. $900 $500 Notes Payable 1,000 200 Total Liabilities $1,900 $700 XXXX Owners' Equity: Contributed Capital $1,700 $900 Retained Earnings 1,400 $500 Total Owners' Equity $3,100 $1,400 XXXX Required: prepare appropriate consolidated balance sheet account balances based on the information provided here. Add extra lines for data if needed. The totals/subtotals will not be graded. That is why the XXX appear where they do....
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