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1 23 • CAPA #8 due Friday, Solutions posted on Saturday • Professor Kapteyn’s office hours Thursday/Friday cancelled. Special Saturday hours 2-4 pm, in G2B21 Æ just across from the help room area. • Professor Nagle – extra hours in the help room Thursday 1-2 pm Friday 1-3 pm • Exam #2 next Tuesday evening 7:30 pm in G1B30 The exam covers material including CAPA assignments 5-8, Labs 3-4, and lectures 11-22. This covers all reading assigned in the textbook up through Chapter 20. In Chapter 20, the exam only covers sections 20.1-20.4 and 20.11. This includes circuits, circuit components (Capacitors, Resistors, Batteries), relating these devices and the underlying physics (electric fields, Voltages, etc.), and Magnetism (how magnetic fields exert forces, etc.). The best way to study is to full understand the clicker questions, CAPA homework and labs. The correct answer is important, but equally important is the correct reasoning. There will be assigned seating in G1B30 for the exam. Equation Sheet Available on Web: 3 pages ! 24 25 Clicker Question The positively charged particles are: A) Particles 1 and 5 B) Particles 2 and 4 C) Particles 1 and 2 and 4 D) Particles 1 and 2 E) Particles 3 and 5 26
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nagle_phys2020_fa07_lecture22 - CAPA#8 due Friday Solutions...

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