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Article 1 - Article #1: Question #1: Sociological research...

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Article #1: Question #1: Sociological research on poverty and children’s school has increasingly adopted an integrated approach, focusing on children’s homes, communities, and schools to better understand factors that provide and factors that impede it. Arguments have emerged to explain the relationship between poverty and educational outcome such as material resources where the arguments arise being that the families, schools, suffer because they don’t have the financial resources that can help with learning and achievements. Human capital is another argument that affects children from poverty. Arguments indicating that poor children suffer because poorer endowments and investments they receive from they’re parents, or by extension, the poorer human resources they receive by the schools they attend. Social Capital/Network suggesting the impoverished children and parents lack supportive social relationships and networks within and outside the family necessary for aspiring and achieving success. Cultural Capital arguments suggesting that children of historically disadvantaged groups suffer because they lack the cultural environment at home that would allow them to connect to content in the classroom. Question #2: Using data from Ghanaian Living Standards measurement survey, Behrman and Lavy (1994) found that with the family and fixed effects, the true effects of child health on school
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success was nearly zero in direct contrast to statistically significant results obtained through traditional ordinary least squares and instrumental variable approaches.
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Article 1 - Article #1: Question #1: Sociological research...

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