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Dan Zickus 10/22/07 Application Problem Application: Select a motor skill that you perform for recreational or sports purposes. When you began learning this skill, what kinds of practice activities did you experience? How well did they prepare you to learn the more complex aspects of this skill? How well did they prepare you to perform this skill in the kind of situations and contexts in which you eventually had to perform it, such as in competition or in everyday experience. The motor skill that I use most daily would be my eye-hand coordination. A person learns to use their eye-hand coordination from a very young age as it may take a while for one to develop the muscles to perform that skill. For example when playing catch with a child, they are usually slow to react to a ball when throwing it underhand right into their arms. This is because these muscles are not developed or disabled by a disease. Practice activities that I experienced growing up were practiced daily in the sports I played. After
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