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anth exam 1 study guide[1] - Subfields of anthropology...

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Subfields of anthropology: cultural, anthropological linguistics, archaeology, biological Subfields of bioanthropology: human biology, primatology, paleoanthropology What do bioanthropologists study: human biology – human biodiversity and microevolution; genetics; adaptation primatology – primate social behaviors and biology; evolutionary history paleoanthropology – human origins; comparative hominid anatomy and ecology contemporary and ancient human differences how human populations adapt to environmental constraints How bioanthropologists study: theory development; experimentation and fieldwork; systematic observations; comparative studies Influences on B.Anth: biological taxonomy, anatomy, geology Human evolution can help understand modern human biology and behavior by: modern behaviors, past evolutionary pressures, longitudinal perspective, hunter-gatherer past Theory Founders (People): Charles Darwin – natural selection Thomas Malthus – human numbers increase geometrically while resources increase arithmetically. Charles Lyell – principle of uniformity; basis for Darwin’s gradualism -enlightenment Parts of the Cell -cell membrane (for animals; plants have cell wall after cell membrane) -cytoplasm -mitochondrion – mtDNA -nucleus - DNA Diploid – has 46 chromosomes Haploid – has 23 chromosomes (basically a gamete, or sex cell) Chromosome – genetic material Centromere – center or the chromosome where sister chromatids attach to each other during mitosis and miosis Mitosis -basically, cell duplication; occurs in every organism and it is necessary -starts with one cell total, ends with 2 cells total. -chromosome count: starts with 46 (normal autosomal diploid cell); duplicates to 92; cell splits into 2
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anth exam 1 study guide[1] - Subfields of anthropology...

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