bild3quiz2 - Allopatric Speciation -occurs when environment...

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Allopatric Speciation -occurs when environment is divided into geographically separate regions and organisms in different regions diverge from common ancestor -drosophila species on Hawaiian islands; flies arrived and evolved in different directions from ancestor Parapatric Speciation -partial, not complete separation of gene pools in different parts of a species range b/c environmental changes -con occur iwith subpopulations that are adjacent even thought there is still some gene flow between the gene pools of the subpopulations; gene flow is not so great that it prevents subpopulations from diverging -presence of a hybrid zone: areas of overlap between the geographic ranges of two species or genetically distinguishable subpopulations in which hybridization between species or parapatric subpopulations is taking place. -primary hybrid zones=result of parapatric speciation -secondary hybrid zones=when two species come together again after a period of allopatric speciation Sympatric Speciation -species split into two or more separate species even though the members of the original
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bild3quiz2 - Allopatric Speciation -occurs when environment...

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