Lecture02-07 - Chapter 17 1877-1890: Resistance and Reform...

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Chapter 17 1877-1890: Resistance and Reform Anti-Chinese Riots o Employers pit Chinese against white workers o California, Oregon, Washington, 1885: Rock Springs Wyoming Riot o Used race and gender to pit one group against another o Employers have power to pay groups of people and different rates/ different working conditions. <- underlying cause o Race riot – Chinese and white workers, throughout California, authorities did little to stop mob violence. Chinese were rounded up and forced to leave, (for instance eureka sent to S.F.) o Literature of massacre, about 300 white workers attacked 150 Chinese workers employed by union pacific, about 21 were murdered outright and took the body and heaped them in a pile and burned them to scare rest of Chinese away. The blame was Union pacific that sought to break a strike by hiring Chinese road way workers. Union pacific was being manipulated. Race was the cause. Agency: Chinese Lawsuits in California o 1885: Tape v Hurley (CA Supreme Court) o Principal refused to register a child because the child was not a white student o 1860 state law to segregate “Negros, Mongolians, and Indians” o Mamie Tape’s Parents filed lawsuit under 14th amendment o S.F. established an Oriental School for Asians o She should have right to an education o CA ruled in favor of Mamie tape, schools were faced with situation of admitting into the child into school. But then they stabled a segregated school
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Lecture02-07 - Chapter 17 1877-1890: Resistance and Reform...

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