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Lecture03-06 - • • 1927 Buck v Bell o Carrie Buck 17...

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The Roaring Twenties Johnson-Reid Act (National Origins Act) of 1924 o Set quotes: Cut immigration to 2% of total immigration from each nation in 1890. o Jews, Russians, Poles, Greeks, and Italians - Inferior rot Anglo Saxons o Exclusion of aliens ineligible to citizenship (The Chinese) Eugenics Movement o Anglo-Saxon, Protestant “race” was a superior to every other “race” – Jews, Catholics, Southern Europeans, African Americans, and Asian Americans State Laws to prevent “inferior” peoples from reproducing through sterilization Labeled” Feebleminded” – poor, immigrant, or minority women State laws promoted eugenics movement Concerned of racial missing (Preserve it)
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Unformatted text preview: • • 1927: Buck v. Bell o Carrie Buck, 17, white woman was raped and became pregnant. o Because she had a child out of wedlock she was considered unfit to be a parent o Under a compulsory sterilization law in Virginia, Buck was sterilized. o U.S. Supreme Court upheld the eugenics law: 8 to 1 verdict o Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes: “three generations of imbeciles was enough” • Beliefs in Racial Superiority o 30 states had compulsory sterilization laws o 1974: Virginia sterilization law repealed o 1980s: Catholics and women right activists united to repeal sterilization laws • • •...
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