Lecture04-17 - o Business o Professionals o Labor...

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Chapter 7: Interest Groups and Corporations Roles of interest groups o Interest groups are private organizations that try to shape public policy o Interest groups try to influence elected officials o Also known as pressure groups or lobbies Lobbyist someone who is hired, he or she knows to lobby elected officials about a bill, (per say a trade a trade policy, take them out to lunch and dinner, and prepare a statement or a bill for the elected official to present). Interest groups are very powerful. A lobbyist is hired to convince elected officials of certain bills Public interests o Advocacy groups o Associations representing state and local governments o Nonprofit organizations Private Interests
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Unformatted text preview: o Business o Professionals o Labor Corporations dominate other interest groups in the policy process o Number of interest organizations o Number of lobbyists o Level of resources o Shaping public perceptions o Traditionally held in high regard, and viewed as linked to healthy economy Interest groups, Corporations and Democracy o Many worry that these reforms do not get to the heart of the problem o Some political scientists have suggested that we focus our efforts on strengthening instruction of majoritarian democracy such as political parties and the presidency...
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Lecture04-17 - o Business o Professionals o Labor...

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