Lecture04-08 - 1964-1971 A Divided nation The Vietnam War...

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Unformatted text preview: 1964-1971: A Divided nation: The Vietnam War and Social Conflict•Civil Movement and impact on Asian Americans•1963: Kennedy Assassinated – V.P. Johnson became presidentoJohnson called for a “great Society”Gaining support in Congress to support some programs that were being proposed under Kennedy before he was assassinated.Birmingham 1963, most Americans remember the police, as they release German Sheppard attack dogs on African American children. Birmingham protest was the heartland of confederacy. oAmericans in Poverty1962: Michael Har rington, The Other America, a book which revealed 20% of all Americans lived in poverty. And of that 20% of all Americans poverty, 70% were white. oJohnson declared War on Poverty Aid to families with dependent children (AFDC)Increased Social Security paymentsHead StartCollege student loans•Improving Health Careo1965: Medicare: Medical needs for Americans over 65o1965: Medicaid: Health care for the pooroNational health care for senior citizens and Medicaid is state-run (federal supplies to states) that distribute health care for the poor.•The Environmento1963: Clean Air Act•Civil Rights Act of 1964oProhibited Discrimination in public accommodations based on race, religion and national originoGuaranteed equal opportunity in medium size business or largeroProhibited wage discrimination based on sex in private or public employmentoVoting Rights Act of 1965African Americans to allow them to vote. Included Bi-lingual ballad so that everyone can vote (Helped Asians to vote)•Banned the use of literacy tests•Justice Dept will monitor county voter registration•Reform of Discriminatory Immigration PoliciesoCold WaroCivil Rights movement•1965 Immigration and Nationality ActoAbolished Quotas based on race and nationalityoAllowed families to immigrateoPreferences...
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Lecture04-08 - 1964-1971 A Divided nation The Vietnam War...

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