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Unformatted text preview: THE GREAT DEPRESSION 0. Causes of the Crisis 1. "We Are Not Bums" 2. Surviving Hard Times 3. The Dust Bowl "...not the working classes that brought on the economic crisis, it was the big boys that thought the financial drunk was going to last forever, and overbought, overmerged, and overcapitalized." Will Rogers, 1934 Causes of the Crisis 0. 1. 2. Excessive profits , concentration of wealth upper class Overproduction in many industries Stock market crash 1929 undermined confidence in investment and spending 3. Workers and consumers received a smaller share profits 4. Internationally, exports fall, and foreign nations unable to repay debts 5. Federal Reserve policies "We Are Not Bums" 6. 25% of population or 40 million Americans were unemployed, 7. No savings and great debt, no safety net for unemployed 8. Individual families provide safety net Surviving Hard Times 0. 200,000 young men "riding the rails": hobos 1. Mexican Americans depend on children's wages 0. 1/3 of family wages 1. Deportation of 500,000 Mexicans from 1931 to 1934, 1/3 of population The Dust Bowl 2. Drought in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico (the Dust Bowl) 3. April 14, 1935: blown dust turns the skies black and kills livestock 2. Migration away from the Dust Bowl Dorothea Lange, photographer John Steinbeck, author Grapes of Wrath President Herbert Hoover: Tackling the Crisis 4. Stressed recovery of business 5. Reconstruction Finance Corporation 1932, gov't credit to ailing banks, railroads, insurance company 6. Expected charities to provide aid to poor Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Landslide victory 9. Born into a family of wealth and privilege, attended Harvard, and Columbia University law school 10. Married to Theodore Roosevelt's niece, Eleanor 11. Victim of polio 12. March 4, 1932 inaugural address: "Nothing to fear but fear itself" 13. Fireside chats; addressed masses by radio THE NEW DEAL The First Hundred Days Strengthening of federal government 14. Prohibition repealed 15. Securities and Exchange Commission 16. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 17. Federal Emergency Relief Act 18. Civilian Conservation Corp 19. National Industrial Recovery Act (National Recovery Administration) 20. Home Owners' Loan Corporation 21. Indian Reorganization Act The Second New Deal 22. The Social Security program: unemployment insurance, welfare benefits for dependent children and the disabled 23. The Works Progress Administration 24. Federal Art Project 25. Federal Theatre Project A NEW POLITICAL CULTURE The Labor Movement 26. The Wagner Act of 1935 27. Congress of Industrial Organization (CIO) as part of the American Federation of Labor 28. General Motors strikes A NEW POLITICAL CULTURE The New Deal Coalition 0. Northern African Americans switch to the Democratic Party 1. Latinos and the El Congreso de Pueblos de Habla Espaol 2. European immigrants "new" A New Americanism 3. A new diverse, inclusive country Arts reflect common man Movies challenge gender and class hierarchies Sports diversify: DiMaggio, Joe Louis New Social Contract Diego Rivera ...
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