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Greenbergch4 - substantial and poverty American political...

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Structural Foundations of American Government and Politics Greenberg and Page Ch 4 Growing Diversity 0. Racial and ethnic diversity 1. Nativist backlash; anti-foreign, directed against Hispanics Changing Location and Jobs 2. Urbanized, moving west and south Sunbelt 3. Blue-collar to white collar, manufacturing to technical, profession, service, sales American economy and wealth 4. Large industrial corporations turn 20th c. 5. Globalization 6. Income: high standard of living, yet inequality is substantial and poverty
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Unformatted text preview: substantial and poverty American political culture 7. Fundamental or core beliefs 8. Individualism 9. Private property and private enterprise 10. Distrust of government 11. Citizenship and Nature of political order Democracy, freedom and liberty, populism, religious belief Structural influences on American Politics 12. The threat of terrorism 13. U.S. as world’s single superpower 14. Rapid technological change 15. Changes in demographics of the American population...
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