Mismeasure of Man Reaction

Mismeasure of Man Reaction - September 20, 2007 Psych...

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September 20, 2007 Stephanie Abrams Psych Methods I " Mismeasure of Man" It is a rare occasion that I actually read a mandated book; however I read The Mismeasure of Mann from cover to cover with scrupulous care. When I began Gould's critic of psychometrics, I was intrigued, surprised, and curious to learn more. However, my opinion started to shift somewhere in the middle of the book. I suddenly became more skeptical in regards to the truthful and objective nature of the content. While Gould provides his audience with a refreshingly readable publication, it is difficult to overlook several factors that seem to contradict his basic argument, as well as his blatant character assassination of scientist who have long since been deceased. Gould argues that researchers are incapable of arriving at objective conclusions due to prior prejudice and social preconceptions. Furthermore, Gould claims that scientific endeavors ultimately confirm the preconceived social and political prejudice of researchers, causing fact to become subjective and truth to become relative. In the search for objectivity, preconceived notions cause even the most cautious researcher to succumb to the unconscious manipulation of data. Thus inevitably create conclusions that fit neatly with their original prejudice and social expectations, or to be more poetic "advocacy masquerading ad objectivity." Gould further states that scientist, mostly unwittingly; begin with a prejudice which they then base their hypothesis, study, and conclusion on. Gould spends a good section of the book explaining and providing examples to this fact, and it is in this section of the book that I find most of my criticism. It is my belief that Gould makes several critical mistakes in his argument against the
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Mismeasure of Man Reaction - September 20, 2007 Psych...

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