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BIS 2B J. Stachowicz Introduction to Biology 31 March 08 Introduction to Biodiversity: The ecological theater and the evolutionary play Required reading: Chapter 1, Chapter 23.1, Chapter 52.1 Additional resources (if you are interested in reading more on the topics in this lecture): Hutchinson, G.E. 1965. The ecological theater and the evolutionary play. Yale University Press. 139p. Myers, N., et al. 2000. Biodiversity hotspots for conservation priorities. Nature 403:853- 858. Stork, N.E. 1993. How many species are there? Biodiversity and Conservation 2:215- 232. Lecture Outline I. Class Introduction II. The Ecological Theater and the Evolutionary Play a. What is Ecology? b. What is Evolution?
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Unformatted text preview: III. Introduction to Biological Diversity a. Hierarchy of diversity i. Genetic ii. Species iii. Ecosystem b. morphological species concept c. biological species concept d. quantifying biodiversity i. species richness ii. species evenness iii. Shannons diversity index e. How many species are there? i. Described, 1.8 million ii. Actual: 5-100 million how do we estimate this? f. Patterns of biodiversity in nature i. Latitudinal ii. Depth in the ocean iii. Elevation up a mountain g. What generates current patterns in biodiversity? i. Present day ecological explanation ii. Legacy of geological or evolutionary events...
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