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BIS 2B : Ecology and Evolution Rick Grosberg Jay Stachowicz What is Ecology? Ecology is the study of the interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment. Its fundamental goal is to determine the biological and physical factors that determine the distribution and abundance of species. The distinction between Ecology and its applications -Ecology is about understanding a species distribution and abundance -Environmental Science or Conservation Biology use the principles of Ecology to help solve environmental problems -Environmentalism is a concern for the conservation and improvement of the natural environment, both for its own sake as well as its importance to civilization. (Wikipedia) What is Evolution? Evolution is simply a change in the properties of populations of organisms that transcend the lifetime of a single individual. http://www.biology.iupui.edu/biocourses/N100/images/16melanism.gif A population evolves when individuals with different genetic makeup survive or reproduce at different rates.
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The ecological theater and the evolutionary play Ecology and Evolution are inextricably linked Theater : stage scenery (rocks, soils, weather) other actors (biological interactions among species) Play : evolutionary shifts in species characteristics in response to the conditions in the theater cornellcollege.edu Ecology influences evolution : All theaters are not alike (actors and scenery vary among theaters and even in the same theater over time). Why we study Ecology and evolution together
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31MarchSlides - BIS 2B Ecology and Evolution What is...

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