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Unformatted text preview: Progressivism 19001912 ForeignBorn Population, 1900 Newcomers from Southern and Eastern Europe Reformers and Radicals 0. AntiSemitism, pogroms, and impoverishment bring Eastern European Jews to America 1. Turmoil in Italy brings Italians to America and many other countries 2. Impact of 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, extended 1902, pop. Decline 1/2 0. Muckrakers, Moral Reform, and Vice Crusaders Prosperous Americanborn AngloSaxon Protestants 1. Woman's Suffrage, 19th amendment 1920 movement of white middle class women, feared the alliance w/minority women would alienate Southern voters; gained support of conservatives who believed that women would vote for conservative causes such prohibition and immigration restriction REFORMERS AND RADICALS 2. Radicals believed that system was flawed, needed transformation 3. Reformers American capitalist system sound 4. Labor Movement Sot Eugene V. Debs, railroad strike, million votes in 1912 presidential election Muckraking REFORMERS AND RADICALS I.W.W. Industrial Workers of World, 1905, women, blacks, immigrants,...
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