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Memory pt. II

Memory pt. II - initiated by the beeper Unique locations...

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2/13/08 I. Autobiographical Memory a. Marigold Linton i. Everyday for 6 years ii. Tests each month b. How i. Problem Solving(Reconstruction) c. Lack of Recall i. Undistinguishable Memory d. Retrieval Cues i. Something related to a memory 1. If a cue has multiple memories, it will be harder to retrieve a particular memory a. You have parked your car in a garage multiple times e. 3 Pneumonic techniques i. Method of Loci 1. Geographic locations linked to ii. Interacting Images 1. Connect two ideas visually in your head iii. Pegword Method 1. Nursery Rhyme to remember items - It’s easier to associate things with concrete items rather than abstract ideas - A word will get activated when you look at words associated with it, even when you don’t see the word itself. Remember spreading activation theory. - When undergrads had beeper, the actions were better remembered than thoughts. Also, the memorable events were remembered better than those
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Unformatted text preview: initiated by the beeper. Unique locations and actions were better remembered than ordinary ones. There were few overt recall errors-Malleability of Memory o Eyewitness testimony is regarded highly in court cases o Our memories are very accurate, but can be very influenced as well People ask suggestive questions and this affects memory Recovered/False memories-Primary Memory Brain Areas o Amygdala, Hippocampus, Frontal Lobe o Neurons that fire together, wire together o Long Term involves Neuron Nucleus-Flashbulb Memories o Emotion Physiological Reaction in the Brain o Memories that get retold; people discuss 9/11 a lot Memories get reinforced o Accuracy vs. Confidence People may not be accurate, but they are very confident in Flashbulb memories\-Savants o Brain abnormalities o No Corpus callosum o Memorized facts...
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  • Spring '08
  • Soderstrom
  • flashbulb memories, Brain o Memories, I. Autobiographical Memory, overt recall errors, multiple times e.

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Memory pt. II - initiated by the beeper Unique locations...

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