Attention pt. II

Attention pt. II - while driving-Biological Basis of...

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2/7/08 - Psychological Refractory Period o Perceptual When perception is made more difficult, response selection and production is delayed o Response selection o Response Production - Cell phones while driving o Driving simulator Radio - Not much effect Cell Phone conversation - Big effect “Shadowing” word task - Not much effect Word generation task - Big effect There is a special effect of generating words on concentration
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Unformatted text preview: while driving-Biological Basis of Attention o Frontal Lobe o Posterior Parietal Lobe Hemineglect(Unilateral Neglect) • Ignores either left or right side of picture when copying • Not perceptual • Space-based or object-based? o Patient data suggests space-based o Once attending, focus shifts with object Suggests object-based...
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