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Week 6 1. Differentiate between content and process theories of motivation. Content (need) Theories- is a requirement or necessity for survival and well-being. The basic premise of need theories is that people are motivated to obtain outcomes at work that will satisfy their needs. Need theory complements expectancy theory by exploring in depth which outcomes motivate people to perform at a high level. Need theories suggest that to motivate a person to contribute valuable inputs to a job and perform at a high level, a manager must determine what needs the person is trying to satisfy at work and ensure that the person receives outcomes that help to satisfy those needs when the person performs at a high level and helps the organization achieve its goals. Process (Expectancy & Equity) Theories - formulated by Victor H. Vroom in the 1960’s, says that motivation is high when workers believe that high levels of effort lead to high performance and high performance leads to the attainment of desired outcomes. 2. Differentiate between expectancy and equity theories of motivation. Expectancy theory – A person’s perception about the extent to which his or her effort will result in a certain level of performance. Equity Theory - is a theory of motivation that concentrates on people’s perceptions of the fairness of their work outcomes relative to, or in proportion to, their work inputs. Equity theory complements expectancy and need theories by focusing on how people perceive the relationship between outcomes they receive from their jobs and organizations and the inputs they contribute. 3. Apply the job characteristics model to a particular situation. Skill Variety- the extent to which a job requires that an employee use a wide range of different skills,
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Management_StudyGuide(6-10) - Week 6 1 Differentiate...

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