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Visual Basic - Spring 2008 Israel Yost or...

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Spring 2008 Israel Yost or W251 Kingsbury Hall 862-2245 CS 405 – Introduction to Applications Programming With Visual Basic This course introduces students to the world of event-driven/object-based programming using Visual Basic in a Windows (GUI) environment. Lectures and demonstrations of programming concepts and techniques will be sup- plemented by readings from the textbook. There will be short quizzes given weekly on assigned readings. Pro- gramming assignments will be given throughout the semester to test students’ ability to implement in Visual Basic select programming concepts and features. There will be a midterm exam and a final exam to test comprehension of fundamental concepts. Objectives : Learn fundamental concepts and techniques of programming (logic) Learn the syntax of the Visual Basic language Become familiar with the Visual Basic / Visual Studio development environment Learn more about Windows Your grade in the course will be calculated according to the following (approximate) weights: Reading Quizzes 20% Assignments 45% Midterm Exam 15% Final Exam 20% Reading Quizzes : There will be a Reading Quiz almost every week (usually on Tuesday), for a total of about 10 quizzes. The quiz with the lowest score will not be included in your grade calculation. If you must miss a quiz, you should inform me as soon as possible (before the quiz), and arrange for a retake immediately. I plan to return each quiz before the next quiz, and will not allow anyone to retake a quiz after it has been returned to the other students. Assignments
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Visual Basic - Spring 2008 Israel Yost or...

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