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Integration paper 1

Integration paper 1 - Michael S Wheeler Human Relations...

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-1 Michael S. Wheeler 10/25/2007 Human Relations Derek Ahl Integration Paper I have found through learning the last three chapters of my text quite a few things that have directly effected the way I live my life and how I relate to people. I had always done, but never realized how affected I am by how I perceive myself and how I maintain my own self concept. I have always looked farther into perception checks and how acting and saying certain things can make it so I am perceived in either a positive or negative way. Along with my self-concept, perception checks and now emotions I have learned how expressing certain feelings is appropriate in certain situations. It has taken me up until now to realize all the benefits on exercising all of the above. “One method of forming self-concept is through a reflected appraisal process in which we imagine how other people see us.” (http://psychology.about.com) It took me a long time to realize what self concept really was. I had spent over nineteen years of life continually going through this process of self-concept based on the reflected appraisal idea and never once thought of that way. I always clung to the idea that I am who I want to be based completely on what I thought of myself. Looking back, it only seems obvious in the younger stages of my life that almost everything about my personality was designated towards what my parents thought of me and how they wanted me to act. Not knowing any better, I became exactly that; to make them happy. I remember going to church every weekend and forcing myself to like it and cling to the same beliefs as my parents because I was suppose to. I also remember a time in middle school where I looked down upon a friend of mine because he was catholic and I was
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Christian. I did this because when I was church I was never told that Catholicism was bad, but I was told it wasn’t what we believed in. I was young and naïve, but also thought this is who I am. This is only one scenario. On several occasions I found myself degrading people and trying to make them feel less of themselves because they listened to a band or watched a show that my church wouldn’t approve of. I had fallen into a great misconception of my own beliefs based on my reflected appraisal. Life from there still continued to become something where I was constantly trying to find out who I was and where I belonged. I entered high school along with all the stereotypes it accompanied. I had seen my previous mistakes at that point and didn’t want to make the same mistakes. So instead of fitting into one group of friends and
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Integration paper 1 - Michael S Wheeler Human Relations...

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