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business in the community final - Michael Wheeler May 3rd...

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-1Michael Wheeler May 3 rd , 2007 Jerry Howe Business in the Community 1. Local governments use Zoning Ordinances to regulate the use of land within their community. The purpose of these ordinances is to make sure that the developing of land is going to benefit the surrounding areas. These regulations divide cities and towns into districts, and the land in each district is allowed to be developed for residential and/or commercial use. Reasons for Zoning Ordinances range from the idea of overcrowding land and population concentration, to the health and safety of citizens. They are set up to encourage proper usage of land, to prevent conflict among business owners and society, and to have an overall orderly community. Unlike how the Zoning Ordinances divide communities into residential and commercial land use, Subdivision Regulations divide parcels of land into two or more lots. These regulations can divide the land for sale, rent, lease, or even development, and are used to support organized community development and expansion. In my home town of Kensington, any person who wishes to develop or subdivide land must report to the town Zoning Board to request an application and attend a meeting where all ideas and layouts must be presented to the Board. The development and subdivision standards that my town has set are very high, and it is obvious that ordinances and regulations are made to benefit not only the community and its citizens, but the environment as well. 2. The Public Works Department is the backbone to a community for its part in most things that get unnoticed such as: sewage treatment, plowing roads, parking, trash, recycling, etc. It’s basis is simple, just to
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business in the community final - Michael Wheeler May 3rd...

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