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-1 Mike Wheeler Close paper 10/08/2007 Applied business sales Close Approaches Selling computers incorporates all of the closing actions. When closing the sale of a computer, a salesman can come into numerous objections, especially during the closing portion of the sale. The most important thing about selling computers is not to just sell the computer, but to attach everything that will satisfy the customer. For instance, the warranties, services, accessories and product information are the most important parts in your sales approach, not just the computer. When selling a computer the customer usually already has the intent to buy, so I chose four closes that are more generated toward effectively providing the customer with options and getting them excited to buy and hopefully returning for more business. A more non-traditional way of closing a sale is the alternative close approach. This approach doesn’t recap your sales approach or try to push the sale on the customer. The salesman is given a chance to try and add onto the sale while avoiding the initial objection of need and has focused the customer towards thinking that they really need this extra service or product. For example: Customer: I think I’m going to go with this model. Salesman: Awesome. That’s a great choice. Now, did you want to go with the three-year accidental plan or the three-year parts and labor. The customer is now faced with, ”Do I need accidental or just parts and labor?” Without the salesman ever pushing the warranty. Another successful Close when selling to a wide group of people is the Compliment
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CloseApproach - Mike Wheeler Close paper 10/08/2007 Applied...

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