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-1Michael Wheeler Human Relations Derek Ahl 11/18/2007 Integration Paper #2 I have been able to directly connect the concept and ideas of the chapters we covered in class, to my everyday life. Nonverbal communication is a big part of everyday conversations and has proven in my own life to be an effective tool to use with every conversation I have. Along with that is listening and being able to fully comprehend and understand what someone is truly saying. The last thing we covered was relational dynamics and how you can relate that to the relations you already have and the ones that you don’t have anymore. Everything we’ve covered in class has proven to be something I can use on a regular, day to day, basis. “An easy way to determine what someone is thinking or feeling is to observe whether their signals are open or closed. Open signals represent openness, acceptance, willingness, enthusiasm, and approval. Closed signals represent the opposite of all of these.”(< important.html>. Connor, Tim, 11/16/2007) Nonverbal communication comes in many forms and I believe that touch and the way people relate to that is something we all see everyday. Touch can be anything from a handshake to an excuse me with a slight nudge. Now depending on how you do it can say numerous things. A shove when someone is in your way can say,“ You’re bothering me, get out of my way!“ were as a light tap on the back says,“ I’m sorry I don’t mean to interrupt, but I need to get past you.“ Their simple things that we all know how to use and understand their effects, yet I have been noticing
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in several instances how touch is used in a way that a recipient didn’t intend. I have always seen the effects of how someone’s appearance can also effect an entire outcome of a situation. From the second that person walks in the room they’re judged, good or bad, and that person will talk to them according to what they’ve prejudged them to be. I have found it quite interesting how the slightest invasion of someone’s physical space, even a few inches, can change their attitude towards you. We often over look a large portion of nonverbal communication, like body language, and its these things that can help you overcome objections and create a positive atmosphere, wherever you may be. I have found all of the information I learned about nonverbal
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integration2 - Michael Wheeler Human Relations Derek Ahl...

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