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1 Speaker #11 Section #14 Comm. Course #110 03/29/05 Hybrid Automobiles Specific Purpose: To inform an audience of UND college students about hybrid automobiles and how they can save money at the pump during these times of high gas prices. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: How many of you pay too much for gas? B. Background 1. Topical Data a. Hybrid automobiles (1) Half electric, half gasoline automobiles (2) Toyota Prius released 1997 (McCarthy, 2005, pg. 35) b. Most students drive cars (1) Students spend a lot on gas (2) Save money with hybrid automobiles 2. Personal Data a. Looked at purchasing hybrid automobiles b. Researched magazine and online media C. Thesis Statement: Because hybrid automobiles can save college students money at the pump, it is important that we explore: the advantages and the disadvantages of hybrid cars. II. Body
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2 A. Advantages of hybrid automobiles 1. Great for the environment a. Less polluting then gasoline vehicles b. Global-warming pollutants cut in ½ (McCarthy, 2005, pg. 35)
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Inform Speech Outline #2 - 1 Speaker #11 Section #14 Comm....

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