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persuavsive speech outline

persuavsive speech outline - ,1 Speaker#11 Section#14 Comm...

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, 1 Speaker #11 Section #14 Comm. Course #110 Apr. 30, 2005 Lowering ND Gambling Age Specific Purpose: To inform UND students about lowering the gambling age. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: How many gamble? B. Background 1. Topical Data a. Gambling age (1) 21 in North Dakota (2) Age set in 1981 (Ring, 1991, p. 5) b. Students can’t gamble in ND [unless 21] (1) Got to drive to Minnesota (2) ND economies lose potential revenue 2. Personal Data a. Gamble online and in Minnesota b. Researched reports and a thesis C. Thesis-Proposition: Since the gambling age prevents students from gambling in North Dakota, every student should consider legislation to lower it to 18** considering three aspects: 1 st , individual rights, 2 nd , economic benefits, and 3 rd , student benefits.
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, 2 II. Body A. Individual rights 1. Opposing view – 18 isn’t old enough 2. My view – 18 year olds are adults a. Get drafted, smoke, play lottery b. When 18, considered adult (Volberg, 2001, p. 25) c. Why can’t go to casinos?
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