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Extras from Earlier Drafts - Extras from Earlier Drafts (As...

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Extras from Earlier Drafts (As of now not part of paper) When Adolphus became King of Sweden, he was immediately involved in three separate wars with three very different rival monarchies. Fighting the Protestant King of Denmark to ensure the autonomy of Sweden, then fighting the Orthodox Russians in a campaign to conquer territory with the goal of suffocating a potential rival power in the Baltic, he then fought his cousin, the Catholic King of Poland whom his father had deposed. Paving his way to greater power and influence, Gustavus ensured that Sweden would play a role in the international system of Europe, even a secondary one, which in turn prevented Russia from emerging on the European scene (at least not in any significant way) for another one hundred years. Claiming that the future of Europe itself hung in the balance of his military actions, Gustavus either believed or wanted people to believe that if he won, the Protestant movement would have a chance of gaining ground; if he lost, Europe would then become dominated by the Habsburgs as they swept across Europe unchecked in the name of the Counter-Revolution. This, however, cannot be taken at face value unless one overlooks the benefits, politically, strategically, and economically that Sweden enjoyed as its king conquered land, removed a rival claimant to the throne, and increased Sweden’s regional power. Gustavus was now in a position to exert influence over the German principalities as he saw the potential to force any opponent to comply with his will. (Roberts 1953-58:2:543-544) According to some sources the normally disciplined and well regimented army became ever more disobedient because of these problems. What is more, it is contended, economic subsidies did little to improve the disorder that was flowing through the ranks of the army. As a
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result of these issues the military constantly deteriorated because of the lack of funds and supplies. It allegedly became such a problem that even when funds were available, obtaining and transporting supplies for the military was an arduous task that was easier said than done
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Extras from Earlier Drafts - Extras from Earlier Drafts (As...

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