10-26-06 notes - ISS 215 10/26/06 - Relating Race to...

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ISS 215 – 10/26/06 --- Relating Race to Ethnicity cont. Rodriguez article: US versus Puerto Rican racial system; racial versus  ethnic labeling   Differences between polarized US racial categories (white/black) and Puerto  Rican racial continuum.  - Puerto Rican System does not have bounded racial categories or  groups; there is a race/color continuum - Racial categorization based on individual appearance, not ‘decent’  --- - Members of the same family may be categorized differently, if they  look different - In Puerto Rica, an individual’s racial classification may change over  lifetime Shock of migration to US: racial classification given primary importance by US  population; cultural (Puerto Rican) self-identity not considered important by US  population 3 examples of accommodations to US system 1. Jose Peterson - Identifies as racially white, because Americans classify him that way
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This note was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course ISS 215 taught by Professor Lang during the Fall '06 term at Michigan State University.

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10-26-06 notes - ISS 215 10/26/06 - Relating Race to...

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