10-24-06 notes - ISS 215 Relating Race to Ethnicity Sacks...

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ISS 215 – 10/24/06 --- Relating Race to Ethnicity Sacks, How the Jews became White Folks After 1880, 23 million immigrants from southern and eastern  Europe came to US During this period, northern Europeans defined themselves as  separate race of Nordics, superior to races of southern and eastern  Europe; Alpines, Mediterraneans, Jews IQ testing at Ellis Island and during WWI ‘proved’ racial inferiority of  immigrants for SE Europe Most became workers in industry; many played roles in union  organizing   linked to socialism  US-born protestant elite saw working class as threatening:  organizing unions, dragging down intelligence level of US   threat to  democracy Immigrants were seen as “less than” or “not quite” white Immigration from southern and eastern Europe cut drastically by  1924 immigration restriction act WWII pulled US economy out of depression and created economic  boom (pressure was put on women to work, so that country could support  troops) Post WWII: US government feared economy would slip back into 
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This note was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course ISS 215 taught by Professor Lang during the Fall '06 term at Michigan State University.

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10-24-06 notes - ISS 215 Relating Race to Ethnicity Sacks...

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