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SOC 101 Notes 4-20-06

SOC 101 Notes 4-20-06 - 1 Fresh water less than 1 of water...

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SOC 101 Notes 4/20/06 Environment I. The Developing Environmental Defecit A. Using up nonrenewable resources 1. Fossil fuel dependency 2. The Hubbert peak (“peak oil”) 2004-2015. 3 billion people are industrializing now in India and China and will create new demand for oil B. Using renewable resources too fast to renew 1. Living on the interest vs. using up capital 2. Overgrazing -desertification -topsoil loss 3. Deforestation -laterization -global oxygen cycle 4. Species extinction -overfishing/overhunting -habitat destruction C. Resource damage from industrial/population growth
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Fresh water- less than 1% of water on earth is available and fresh-Eutrophication (acid rain in bodies of water)-By 2025, 2/3 of people will live in water stressed environments 2. Air quality 3. Radiation 4. Ozone layer- aerosol cans containing CFC’s are the biggest WMD’s in the world, creating holes in the ozone layer -hole in the ozone layer is one problem we are trying to fix and are in the process of fixing-The Montreal protocol banned CFC production...
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