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Econ/Demog 175 PS1 January 22, 2008 Instructions for building a population pyramid in Excel adapted from Stauffer, Cheryl, “Building Pyramids, ” Population Today, v. 27, n. 5, May 1999, p. 3. 1. Assign negative numbers for the male numbers and keep the female numbers as positive. Male values appear on the left side of the pyramid, and female values appear on the right side. The age group column should be to the left of the male values, and the male values should be to the left of female values. These columns can have other data columns between them. You need to only highlight the appropriate columns for the chart. 2. Highlight the age group column and both columns of data for males and females. In order to highlight columns that are not consecutive, hold down the control key while highlighting. Go to the chart wizard, or go to the insert menu and choose “chart.” Select the cluster bar option.
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Unformatted text preview: Follow the chart wizard to complete the 4 steps. In step 4, save your figure on a new page. Make sure to label your series, axes, and give your figure a title and cite the data used. 3. Right click on the horizontal axis and select “format axis.” Choose the “patterns” tab. Set major and minor tickmarks to “none” and set the tick mark labels to “low.” 4. Right click on one of the bars in your figure and select “format data series.” Go to the “options” tab and set the “overlap” to 100 and the “gap width” to 0. 5. Right click on the horizontal axis and select “format axis.” Go to the “number” tab and select the custom number format. Enter “#0.0%;#0.0%.” This entry will eliminate the negative sign for male values and format the decimals into percentages. 6. You may change chart options, such as background....
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