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Dworkin – Euthenasia: 14 th amendment guarentees right to PAS – any state law prohibiting thereof is unconstitutional Tries to go against argument where “the state has a right to defend against abuses resulting from PAS.” Ie: Pressure toward PAS by the cost of care. Desire to get rid of burdens imposed on family (emotional, time, and cost) or other people Patients feel they have a duty to die Not that patient is tired of life, but that the patient thinks others are tired of her Someone might say that there is no way to regulate PAS to guard against this kind of thing…. Dworkin responds: If the right to PAS can be abused, then the right to refuse medical treatment can also be abused – but look – we grant the right to refuse medical care and don’t think the possible abuses are sufficient to deny the right, so we should give the right to PAS as well. Rachels (Morality of. .) - --- MERCY ARGUMENT Two arguments for voluntary Euthanasia or PAS 1. People have a right about their own lives provided they don’t harm others. Euthenasia is a decision about one’s own life, so there’s a right to Euthanasia.
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