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SOC 101 Class Notes 3-21-06

SOC 101 Class Notes 3-21-06 - groups that demand equality...

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Understanding “Isms” Racism Sexism Ageism Heterosexism Ableism Lookism What do these concepts have in common? I. Defining “Ism” A. “Ism” as ideology B. “Ism” as structural discrimination against minority groups C. “Ism” as structural privilege for dominant group II. Ism as Ideology A. Def: belief system that uses stereotypes based on ascribed status to justify discrimination against a minority group B. Characteristics of Isms (as ideologies) 1. Ascribed status is equated with other characteristics 2. “Universal” stereotypes are applied a. Mental inferiority b. Physical inferiority c. Moral inferiority d. Infantilization 3. Attitudes associated with “isms” a. Hostility - (more true of racism and heterosexism) toward
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Unformatted text preview: groups that demand equality and challenge the status quo b. Dismissal c. Patronizing affection- (to elderly, women) d. Benevolent paternalism- Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden”, toward most minority groups, they need to be cared for 4. Ascribed status seen as a master status 5. Assumption that biology is destiny III. Ism as Structural Discrimination A. Def: institutional arrangement that systematically disadvantages minorities through unequal treatment B. Individual vs. structural discrimination C. Direct structural discrimination (by an org., comm., or society)-one drop rule, Jim Crow laws D. Indirect structural discrimination (not designed)-legacy college admissions...
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