9-19-06 notes - Third Gender Categories continued(chapters...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-19-06 --- Third Gender Categories continued (chapters 7, 9, 11)Goal of class: introduce students to current social science theories about social differentiation and inequality. -Predominant theme in current social science theories: gender and race are not natural categories; they are culturally constructed. -This raises new kinds of research questions:1) How did classification systems come to be constructed as they are at present in each society?2) If these systems are not natural, then it must involve effort to maintain them. How do we maintain these systems?Williams’ chapters assigned for today briefly outline part of an explanation of how our dominant classification systems emerged in Europe and how it was put in place in the Americas. Colonialism and the Two-Spirit:European colonizers perceived two=spirits as “sodomites”, deviants, and perverts. Why?Europe in upheaval during 14-15 centuries:-Plague devastated population shortage of people to serve in armies or to produce goods and services elites concerned with production of more people non-reproductive sexual activities came to be seen negatively, as a threat that would undermine political/military efforts to dominate enemies. Non-reproductive sex labeled “sodomy”.-“Non-conformists” were persecuted and/or killed and their property was confiscated. These non-conformists included:oWomen accused of witchcraft (especially women with knowledge about how to avoid pregnancy and childbearing)oPeople accused of having non-reproductive sex. oJewsoMembers of non-conformist Christian sects. Example: Spanish Inquisition in Spain:-...
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9-19-06 notes - Third Gender Categories continued(chapters...

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