Gov 303 (OUtline 3) - Maisel Chapter 5 Bi-partisan Campaign...

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Maisel Chapter 5 Bi-partisan Campaign Reform Act (McCain-Feingold)- Bipartisan campaign finance legislation proposed and debated in the last congresses of the 1990’s and finally passed in 2002. Hard money- Political money that is raised and spent under federal guidelines monitored by the Federal Election Commission. Federal Election Commission- The regulatory body charged with implementing the Federal Election Campaign Act. Soft Money- Money raised for political purposes that is outside of the constraints specified under the Federal Election Campaign Act, unregulated money not to be used directly for federal campaigns. Issue Advocacy- Constitutionally protected advertisements that advocate a particular position on an issue of the day; thought to abuse the spirit of law by implying support for or against a particular candidate. Tillman Act- Early twentieth-century legislation designed to curb political abuse by corporations. Federal Corrupt Practices Act of 1925- The campaign finance act in place prior to the reforms of the 1970’s; honored more in breach than in practice. Hatch Act- Legislation aimed at preventing political abuse of and by federal employees. Public Financing- Any of the various schemes used to fund state or federal campaigns with tax payer dollars. Federal Election Campaign Act- Reform act passed in 1971, amended significantly in 1974 and in less important ways thereafter, that sets the rules for funding federal elections Revenue Act- the 1971 law that encourages small contributions to political campaigns through tax incentives. Tax Checkoff- the means through which citizens can contribute money to support the
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Gov 303 (OUtline 3) - Maisel Chapter 5 Bi-partisan Campaign...

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