Gov 303a outline (culture war)

Gov 303a outline (culture war) - Michael Chambers...

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Michael Chambers Government 303a Outline 4/1/2008 Culture War (Fiorina) Chapter 1 - Culture War refers to a displacement of the classic economic conflicts that animated twentieth-century politics in the advanced democracies by newly emergent moral and religious ones. - Takes shape in form of red and blue states. - Fiorina argues that there is no culture war - Although some activists and political parties do in fact hate each other however this does not apply to the masses. - Parties are more polarized Chapter 2 - These myths of culture war are a result of a misinterpretation of the facts and observations. - Contributing factor #1- Confusing closely divided with deeply divided. - Closely divided- when most people hold moderate or centrist positions and relatively few are extreme ideologues. - Deeply divided- voters are much more polarized. - Close elctions may reflect equal numbers of voters who hate on candidate and love the other, voters who dislike both, voters who don’t care much at all about either candidate, or any combination of these conditions. -
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Gov 303a outline (culture war) - Michael Chambers...

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