Government 303a (Cigler and Loomis)

Government 303a (Cigler and Loomis) - Michael Chambers...

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Michael Chambers Government 303a 4/8/08 The Changing Nature of Interest Group Politics Loomis and Cigler - Organized interests have multiplied over the past 20 years. - Each year there has been an increase in representation of all interests - Things we failed to anticipate 1. Breakdown of national campaign finance laws. 2. Underestimated use of grassroots when setting agenda. - Government continues to respond to groups that clearly cmmunicate their interests and have the funding to convey their message effectively. - - Significant developments 1. Increase since 1960s 2. Headquarters moved from NYC to D.C. 3. Technological development increase communication 4. Single-group issues 5. Campaign finance reform, PACs 6. Decline of political parties 7. Increased number, activity, and visibility of interest groups 8. Impact of institutions 9. Increase of interests in state capitals. -Interest groups are natural phenomena in a democratic regime -Individuals band together to protect interests - Formation occurs in waves
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Government 303a (Cigler and Loomis) - Michael Chambers...

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