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Michael Chambers Government 303A Reading Outlines Federalist Party - One of the first American political parties composed of the followers of George Washington and the architect of his administration’s policies, Alexander Hamilton. Factions- James Madison in Federalist 10 warned his colleagues of factions. Factions are divisions within the population, forming at first over economic interests that were the precursors of American political parties. Critical Election- An election in which there is a sharp alteration of pre-existing cleavages within the electorate. First used by political scientist V.O. Key Jr. to describe elections in which “there occurs sharp and durable electoral cleavage between the parties.” Secular Realignment - Long-term, gradual shift in the partisan attachments of groups of voters that eventually results in a new party system. Line of Cleavage- Dividing line that separates supporters of one party from those of another. Jeffersonian (or Democratic) Republicans- The party of Thomas Jefferson that formed around the opposition to many of the policies proposed by Alexander Hamilton. Congressional Caucus- The meeting of all members of Congress affiliated with one party; used during the early period to nominate candidates for president. 1796- John Adams defeated Thomas Jefferson to succeed George Washington, who had stepped down after two terms setting the precedent of two-term limits. Electoral Vote- The votes cast by electors in the indirect systems used for choosing the president of the United States; each state is allotted a number of electors equivalent to the number of representatives in Congress plus the number of Senators; states determine how the electors will be selected; the winner is the candidate with a majority of the electoral votes. Grass Roots- The rank-and-file voters or party members. Popular Vote- An election in which the winner is decided by the number of citizens casting their votes directly for particular candidate.
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Outline 1 (gov) - Michael Chambers Government 303A Reading...

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