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Final Exam Guidelines I am confident that by now all of you have made necessary arrangements with the ATIS for taking your final exam. Part I: Basic Rules 1. Your final exam will be available starting April 21, 12:01 AM – April 25, 11:59 PM 2. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam. 3. On the right upper section of the exam window you will see a time monitor Time…; Allowed – 02: 00: 00; Remaining… This will help you to monitor your time and finish all questions on time. 4. You can take a break if you want, of course, but please be advised that it will be at the expense of your exam time. 5. Exam questions will be delivered one at a time. 6. You will have an option of revisiting previous questions if you need to. There will be a bubble sheet on the right side of the window with numbered questions and active links. NOTE: This option will not be available once you finish and submit your exam. So make sure to revisit your questions BEFORE you submit your exam. 7. Your final exam score will be released immediately after you submit your exam. 8. Final exam will consist of 40 questions. Each question is worth 2.5 points. Total points available for the final exam are 100 points. Part II: Study Guide The good news is that the final exam WILL NOT be cumulative!!! Final Exam will cover chapters 6 through 10. Below, you will see chapter by chapter guide for studying for this exam. Please be advised that questions will not necessarily be in this order, that is, a group of questions from Chapter 6, followed by a group of questions from Chapter 7 and so forth. Instead, questions will be mixed and randomly distributed jumping back and forth between chapters. Also, be advised that in addition to definitions very often you will be asked to analyze specific examples, sentences, short paragraphs and articles. The final exam will have multiple choice format. Diestler. Chapter 6: Reasoning Errors. I know what I think. Don't confuse me with facts. 1
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Logical Fallacies •ad ignorantium: arguing that since we can’t prove something, it must not be true. •ad populum: justification of an action or belief based on the fact that others do or think the same. •appeal to tradition: “it’s always been that way.” Really it means: “this is what I’m used
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FINALStudyGuide0 - Final Exam Guidelines I am confident...

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