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Danielle Wright Player English 1001/01 February 26, 2003 Teen People Magazine Young and Talented Picture this: You are in a small, quaint historical town that fits snuggly between a beautiful river and sunny beaches. You are enjoying your steamy dinner in a flavorful Irish pub with your girl friends, when all of a sudden you become star struck. The hunky guy you have been staring at for thirty minutes is none other than James Lafferty; the fresh face of The CW’s hit teen drama One Tree Hill. But wait… why is everyone so calm? Why are there not mobs of young girls flocking around him like vultures to their prey? Well, the answer is simple. Seeing James in this beautiful river front town is a fact of life in Wilmington, North Carolina. This is where the hit show is filmed. James Lafferty, 21, was born and raised in Hemet, California. His mother, Angie, enrolled him in acting classes at the young age of six. Acting, however, is not his first love. That spot is reserved for basketball. He grew up playing this sport and did very well. James excelled throughout his high school career and even won the most valuable player award his senior year. While in high school, James did many smaller projects. He had the opportunity to break onto the small screen by guest staring in shows such as Boston Public, Emeril , and Once and Again . His big screen break came in the form of a very familiar role. James played Steve Alford, a college basketball player for the Indian Hoosiers in A Season on the Brink . The film was the first venture into film for ESPN.
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Teen People 2 After graduation, James enrolled in the local community college. Like most incoming freshmen, he began the process of signing up for classes and looking for places to be involved. Weeks before classes were set to begin, his agent called him with a script for a television pilot. The pilot show was none other than One Tree Hill . The script, ironically enough, was for a teen drama centered around a high school basketball team, more specifically the challenge of two brothers on that team with nothing in common. What could have been more perfect than combining his two loves? James read for the writers several times. At first, the writers were not sure if James’s acting was up to par for the job. There was no doubt, however, about his basketball skills. When the writers finally came around to the decision to give James the part, James himself was unsure if he wanted the part. So want was his hold up? Well, the very family oriented 17 year old would have to move 3,000 miles away from his home and family in Hemet to film the show in Wilmington. He finally
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magarticle - Danielle Wright Player English 1001/01 Teen...

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