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Danielle Wright ENGL 1101/01 Bailey T Player April 2, 2007 Panic! (Or Hide) Because They Expose Who We Really Are Panic! At The Disco may sound like a bad horror flick from the 1970’s, but it is a young band out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The group consists of founders, and childhood friends, Spencer Smith and Ryan Ross who later brought in Brendon Urie and Jon Walker. Panic! went through the many woes of today’s artist trying to get their music heard and, in the mean time, built a strong, underground fan base. It was no surprise, with this fan base, that after signing to the Decaydance label, their career took off ( Panic! became widely known for their tongue-in-cheek lyrics after their debut single, “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies”, hit air waves in late January 2005 ( So, it was no surprise that when their freshmen album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out , dropped in late September 2005, it contained more songs that built onto their subtle mockery of society. The band also released a string of music videos that displayed their trademark theatrical style and lent even more evidence to help vividly paint how today’s youth, their fans, is selfish and hypocritical. Selfishness is not a new concept to society. As we grow up, we are constantly told by adults to share and think of others before our self. In “I Write Sin’s, Not Tragedies”, the band exposes the selfish nature of people with the simple line, “what a shame, the poor groom’s bride is a whore” (Panic!). While this line seems malicious on the band’s
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part, it is meant to allude to the cliché of people wanting to “have their cake, and eat it too.” This woman is standing at the alter on her wedding day knowing that she has been cheating on this man she claims to love. Maybe she loves the other man and is only going through with this wedding because her groom has money or maybe she just made a mistake by having the affair, either way she was fulfilling a selfish desire at one of these points in time. We further see this selfishness in a line stating, “Look at it this way, I mean technically our marriage is saved” (Panic! “Write Sins”). The speaker here seems to be the bride and is alluding that she was just caught with her lover. This simple line paints a picture of horror flashing across the brides face and then she shrugs her shoulders and
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paper 3 - Danielle Wright ENGL 1101/01 Bailey T Player...

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