Hinduism - Hinduism The world's most ancient living...

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Hinduism The world’s most ancient living religion o Mostly confined to India o Some presence in Sri Lanka and other countries Approximately 800 million Hindus o Probably the 3 rd largest religion Not a missionary religion, isolated from other countries How to/ What to do to become Hindu? o One must be born as Hindu into a caste o Implication: in wider sense a culture and way of life as opposed to religion in narrower sense Origins of Hinduism There is no such word as “Hindu” in the sacred books of Hinduism o Derived from the word “Sindhu”, meaning Indus River Valley When Iranians (Persians) came to India, they called the native peoples Hindu o Sindu becomes Hindu in Iranian language – what it sounds like India – typically 80% immobile –stay where they are born o Must stay in caste and sub caste Same province, language o Marriage is a business Hindu women can’t marry non-Hindu men o Ahinsa – respect for life – not allowed to kill any living things If very pious – won’t eat meat Others won’t eat cow, but will eat all other meat Greeks upon learning of them from the Iranians, called them Indos rather than Hindus – from which we have the word Indian
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o Thus, Hinduism is the way of life, thinking, customs, rites, rituals, etc. of the people of India Sanskrit – the classical language of India Dravidians o Original inhabitants of India – indigenous people o Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa Grid like patterns, brick houses, running water, sewage system o Peaceful and agricultural people o Little known about religion, probably assimilate by Aryans Fertility cults/ phallus of Shiva in later times Aryans o Came from Asia Minor (Turkey and Greece) o Thought Khyber Pass; conquered Indus Valley o People of India today are products of Dravidians and Aryans o The Religion of the Aryans: Indra or Dyaus Pitr God of Rain, parallel to Greek God Zeus
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Hinduism - Hinduism The world's most ancient living...

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