Overview exam 3 - Overview - Exam 3 • Judaism ○ a way...

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Overview - Exam 3 Judaism a way of life of people who are Jews What is a Jew? Explain the terms Hebrew, Israel, and Judae. Jew – from word Judae (one from Judae) Hebrew – Jewish people and their language; from word “Apiru” – one who rides camels/caravans; Nomadic people; 6 million Jews in the US Israel – name given to Jacob meaning “one who strives with god” What is the importance of circumcision in Jewish faith? Outward expression of covenant with God; Symbol of faith, being committed to 1 god; being a Jew What possible connections exist between ancient Near eastern religions and early Judaism? Polytheistic, but try to conceive of one highest God Try to conceive of heaven and hell and idea or reward and punishment Parallel myth of flood to the Hebrew bible story of Noah Who is the founder of Judaism? What does 'Abraham,' 'Israel,' and 'Yahweh' mean? Abraham – means “one who multiplies”; original name was Abram Israel – name given to Jacob; “one who strive with God” YAHWEH – name for God; from the verb “hayah”, meaning to exist or be alive What was the covenant between Abraham and God? Agreement between Abraham and God
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Overview exam 3 - Overview - Exam 3 • Judaism ○ a way...

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