Religions of China - Religions of China Syncretism...

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Syncretism – following more than 1 religion at a time Confucian- customs and traditions Buddhist -worship and rituals Taoist – outlook, literature, philosophy, art, music Origins Confucianism and Taoism are indigenous to China Buddhism brought to China by Indian Buddhist monks around 100 A.D. Traditional Chinese Beliefs Before Confucianism and Daoism became full fledged religions, Chinese held beliefs which helped to form their 2 religious traditions: Ying-yang – Taoism Confucianism Beliefs 1. Spirits – early system was polytheistic; spirits active in nature 2. Shang Ti or Tian – high power ruling the universe; a personal God 3. Ancestor worship – ancestors die, become spirits watching over us 4. Yang and Yin – male/female, strong/weak, light/dark; opposite but complimentary 5. Divination – The Book of Changes; methods of knowing future 6. Harsh Life, natural catastrophes; forced to understand patterns of nature to live in harmony Te/Ti – power The goal of Chinese life is to achieve harmony Confucianism seeks harmony in social and political life Daoism seeks harmony with nature Confucianism
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Religions of China - Religions of China Syncretism...

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