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Sociology 1010 “A Class Divided” Video Reaction Questions 1. The video shows us that for the most part, members of a group will conform to the group’s expectations. When the teacher, viewed by the students as an authority figure, separated the class into two groups and told one group that they were better than the other, the students held this to be true and began treating each other differently (based on the color of their eyes). The Milgram Experiment explored the influence and power of authority figures; The Asch Experiment did the same with peer pressure. 2. The video illustrates the constant influence that in-groups and out-groups have upon people. Each of the students felt loyalty toward the group in which they were placed by the teacher, and antagonism toward the group which they were either superior or inferior to. The group to which the students felt loyalty is the in-group; and, the group to which the students felt antagonism is the out-group. Once placed into a certain group, the
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